In 2009, I took an early retirement from a web job in the health insurance industry. I turned fifty-five and my son, who was the primary reason I took the health insurance web job in the first place, turned twenty-one and was definitely in a mood to have me let go. So I did.

Banking a lump sum retirement check for my ten years at BCBSMT along with proceeds from the sale of everything I owned, except my car, I went to San Francisco where I volunteered on the Proposition 19 Marijuana legalization campaign.

When the proposition failed to pass, I dove into the ocean of opportunities by the Bay and became enchanted with the artisan food world which lead me to entry level work in the handmade cheese industry.

In the course of my work life I've gone from film production to computer animation to web development to cheesemongering and I have stories, about work and most other aspects of my life, that are ready to be written down, not necessarily in chronological order. Here goes.