Poetic License

To My Son

I love you
At depths
I cannot describe
But would not
Have known
Without the pain.

Cancelling the Call

The phone call left me exhausted
Worn down and confused.
Wanting so much to trust
Ignoring a flickering doubt.

I was slammed by the heat
Of your vented frustration.
Money, more money.
Demanded as a threat
To our infant chance at understanding.

Again the endless craving
Defends a fear
Too sharp to soften
With anything but love.

All for One

Don’t worry that the Narcissist
Will try to steal your heart.
They’ve never known a need for one,
Beyond seductive art.

Your soul’s the prize they aim to take,
Sucked whole through a hollow kiss.
Then on they’ll cast for other prey
To snare in wanton trysts.

Just Because

The self-centered sot
Is angry a lot
That’s how they get their way.

So try as you might
To side-step a fight
It will happen whatever you say.


Perfect is not planned
It is a happy accident
That has more chance
Of falling into place
When anything is possible.

Fairy Tale

In love with the illusion
Of a glance that speaks
A lifetime of mutual devotion,
We each become an echo
Of the story
The other wants to hear.

Mixed Emotion

Into a grog of frosty denial
Add a generous pour of guilt
And one full measure of unreasonable fear.
Stir with endless anxiety,
Then chug

My Father’s Eyes

I look into men’s eyes
And hope to catch a glimpse of yours
Hope to have another chance
At knowing who you were
Without the whiskey

A Sign

I glance out the window
Wanting a sign
That everything will be ok.
But there is no window
With a more relevant view
Than the one that opens
On my own heart.

Learning to Fight

I found my power in the written word
In stories told as they were lived
In simple language that did the work
Of remembering to listen beyond a lifetime

Food for Thought

Fear pours my brain into a blender
Then presses the puree button
It kneads my gut with hot peppers
Then stuffs it up my throat
It coats my heart with a heavy batter
Then drops it into a deep fryer.
Fear makes a feast of my most secret ingredients

A Friend in Need

Some people
Use other people up.
It’s a lesson I learned
When I had nothing left to give
And noticed where it went.

Note to a Not-So-Loved One

I wish all your selves
Would get together
And decide on
A final version of my faults